A Health Warning Not to Ignore


I met with an old friend last week, and she asked me to look at her hands. Her fingernails instantly took me. I mentioned some things to her and immediately she began to nod her head in agreement. Later she told me the truth! If you observe this sign, you must not ignore it.

What is was that I saw in her fingernails, was the colour. They were not the pale pink or flesh colour that you would expect to see in the bed of the nail. They were white.

A white looking nail bed can suggest iron deficiency, low vitality or even liver dysfunction. In some instances, a pale, white or greyish tinge under the nails can indicate selfish leanings or lack of warmth (character).

Depending on the quality of the nail, if it appears to be lifting off the quick, clouded, brittle and dry, it could indicate a fungal disease.


In the case of my friend, she had, in fact, a severe liver dysfunction from the overuse of medication to treat her mental problems, depression and apparent schizophrenia (which was probably caused by all the other drugs), but that is not for me to judge.

The bad news was that her bones had also been affected by the long-term issue, and now she has to find ways to regenerate the bone mass.

The good news is that her doctor finally took her off the pills and began treatment for the liver. The treatment included a change in diet, which in turn helped her to lose unwanted fat off her waistline.


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Story copyright ~ Sari Anitta Puhakka


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