How #Palmistry Helped me Not Fail

‘I didn’t bother to try because he didn’t like it’

I realised after understanding about ‘life purpose’ from fingerprints that the struggles I have had in the past were simply a part of my life plan. My journey to where I am has been for a reason. That reason is that I needed the strength of character to grow into who I am today.

Palmistry has always been and interest of mine, even before I started to read hands for other people. But I never realised just how much knowing my life purpose and lessons have helped me to become even stronger than before.

My problem was that I was not willing to be ‘public.’, It didn’t come naturally to me to be on stage. I didn’t even know what my stage was. I was allowing my partner to decide what I should do and went more along with his dreams instead.

Today I’m a very different person, I feel powerful about my life, my passions, the people I love. I would not be anywhere else but right here. I am in my element.

Do you have got a good job, but feel you could be doing something else? Life purpose is not about what you ‘do’ but more about the attitude and how you experience life. It continues to form as we mature.

~ Sari Anitta Puhakka.

Let me help you find your passion or life purpose through hand analysis (and fingerprints).

See all available readings by Sari here

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