Fingerprints Reveal Your Loneliness


The fingerprints you have are obviously unique, but there is a certain pattern which depicts a special life purpose. I’m not referring to something a person does or achieves in life, but to the way a person lives their life, how they feel and what drives them to what they do.

Life purpose is something we all have and there are several typical shapes in the patterns of the fingerprints. These are often categorised into four groups; whorls, arches, tented arch and loops.

The one pattern in particular that I’m referring to here is the loop. If your fingers have eight or more loop formations, your life purpose focus will be on ‘love’.

When a person’s life focus is on love, it means that whatever it is they do, they don’t wish to be alone doing it. These people love to love and be loved. So if you’re feeling lonely right now, that is a normal part of your life lessons and a step towards your ultimate desire, to be loved, to feel love and closeness.

Learn how to read hands with Easy Palmistry Lessons.

Have your own fingerprint analysis Life Purpose Reading

~ Sari Puhakka


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