Find Where Your Strengths Lie from your hands

The hand can help you understand where you excel and what your strengths are (regarding character and talent). In order to try to understand how the shape of the hands have a significance in palmistry we can look at the hand in a simplified way, dividing it into four parts; top, bottom, left and right side. They are the mind, body, conscious and subconscious.

The top half which includes the fingers and mounts below them is the area of the mind, the lower section of the palm in the area of the body. The active conscious zone is the thumb side and the inactive subconscious zone is the outer side of the palm.

These areas can assist in discovering how energy is distributed between the four zones, especially when there are bent or crooked fingers or an unusually shaped hand. If these areas are relatively equal, it shows a balance of the conscious, subconscious, physical energy and general approach to their life.

I explain everything in detail in my lessons on hand reading, would you like to join the premium club? See information about it here.

You might have the rare Simian line which shows a different character. See the article here.

Strong lines show strength, but if the lines are broken it shows change. See the article about broken lines here.

~Sari Puhakka (About me here)


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