Let your thumbs guide you.

The thumbs and fingers play an important part of palmistry and when someone has their palms read, the analyst is not just looking at the lines. Take a look at the size of your thumb, do you know what it shows? It shows how much character you have, how much drive, determination, energy, will power, sensitivity and even intelligence! The fingers describe your mind body and material worlds.

Example: A thumb, which opens to a wide angle, is mostly found on the low set thumb and suggests a more open and giving nature. An angle that is 90 degrees or greater, however, denotes an overly adaptable or reckless nature. When the angle of the thumb is narrow, 30 degrees or less and close to the palm rather than opening away from it, it suggests a much more quiet, untrusting or guarded personality.

What do your hands say about you? Find out through an analysis of your hands, read more here.

See readings here.

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