Which of these traits describes you best? #palmistry #handanalysis

When I think of someone’s character, based on their career or hobby etc, I can fairly well guess which category of hand shape they belong to.

One of the methods of assessing the form of the hand is by using the four astrological elements of water, fire, earth and air. This method uses the size and length of the fingers and palm. It doesn’t however mean that the person will have the corresponding sign, but indicates the personality type will be similar to the related elements. It helps to understand these groups if you already have some knowledge of astrology. Very often, there is a mixture of these factors, so a combination of the qualities is used together to form an understanding.

To see which element you might be, pick one of these traits that describe you best:

1. Sensitive or idealistic.

2. Energetic and enthusiastic.

3. Practical and down to earth.

4. Mentally active and precise.

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